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We specialized in supplying manpower form Nepal to anywhere in the world. Al Taaz International Pvt. Ltd. Is in huge demand in the Middle East and Europe. We have gained admirable reputation in the industry. We operate with the help of a wide network of HR Companies and recruitment partners both within and outside the country. Our dedicated approach to supplying well qualified employees had earned the desired results for our employees.

Quality For You

It is always interesting for you to work on the best Manpower services. And you are in need of skilled personalities for that. We have been associated with this sector for years, and have chosen to work with the finest experts under manpower skills. For that, we have undergone through some of the serious training sessions of all time. And you are about to get the best deals from our side, without even pinching a hole in the pocket. There are loads of other packages waiting for you, over here. You can even get to choose the best from us.

Recruitment At Your Help

Now, recruiting your manpower is not that of an easy task. There are some legal ways, which every recruitment agency should follow. And these legal terms are going to change from one sector to another. We are here to talk about the best legal formalities, falling under manpower recruitment services. You can be rest assured to get the best manpower recruitment from our side. And we would always like to offer the best to you.

Nepal- Quick And Affordable

Whenever you are in need of quick and affordable manpower services in Nepal, our name is the first one to come up in your mind. We are glad to offer you with quality recruitment, which you have asked for so long. Our international agency is already known for serving various kinds of industries. Therefore, working on your service is not that of a difficult task for us. Other than working on the leading international recruiting market, we might want to offer help under multinational manpower consulting packages.


Our strength lies in delivering the best and the most affordable manpower solution from the Nepal under various categories. The diverse manpower available in the Nepal makes our database rich and the most apprehensive. There are skilled, semi-skilled and non-skilled employees with varied work experience to suit any requirements of the employer.